Connor’s TW 13/5/18

Hi guys, This week, as well as trying to keep up to date with the everyday treasurer work (and revision), I have had very productive meetings with both the MCR and CCR treasurers to discuss the financial relationships between the SJCR and its subsidiaries. I also had a meeting earlier in the week with HSBC […]

Antonia’s TW 13/5/18

Hey everyone, there is a new tool called Pincident which the SU have created where students can report any Hate Crimes which they have been victim of or witnessed in Durham. The tool will produce a mapping system and allow the SU to see if there are any patterns to the hate crime which occurs […]

Esme TW 13/5/18

Hi guys! I’m afraid there’s not much to say over here in Comms, exams are now well-underway and so that’s taking all my focus for now, but expect lots of exciting things in post-exams when I have lots of time to spare! Have a great week, Esme x

Shreeya TW 13/5/18

Hey guys, hope everyone’s got through the first week of exams okay! So it’s another short message from me, just complaining about exams again and seriously questioning my degree choice. Apart from that I’ve had a meeting about ents for johns day which is exciting! Further information about tickets for summer ball and johns day […]

Jess’ TW 13/5/18

Hey everyone, hope you’re all smashing your way through your exams!! The snacks seem to be going down a treat so I’m hoping that they are providing the necessary motivation! On a side note – while I’m v v happy to keep providing sweets, please tidy up after yourselves. If you take the last one […]

Arndy’s TW 13/5/18

Hi guys, Hope exams are going well. I’ve just been sorting out pitch bookings for John’s/Chad’s day and Old Boys and haven’t really done anything else exec-related. I also celebrated my 20th birthday this week, whilst having maths exams on the day and the following day, so however bad you’re feeling about exams, I hope […]