Jess’ TW 13/5/18

Hey everyone,

hope you’re all smashing your way through your exams!!

The snacks seem to be going down a treat so I’m hoping that they are providing the necessary motivation! On a side note – while I’m v v happy to keep providing sweets, please tidy up after yourselves. If you take the last one in a pack, just pop it in the bin – v easy!

Other than the usual snack delivery, the most exciting meeting this week was a joint Prescomm and VPcomm (Vice-principals). The largely centred on consent workshops during Freshers week and whether each College is really doing the best it can. In short, the Presidents all agree that more can be done around the topic of consent and instilling a sense of responsibility and awareness in students as soon as they arrive in Durham. Fingers crossed, the VPs felt the same and work can be done in the next few weeks! What was really interesting was that this conversion highlighted the importance of communication between Presidents and College Staff and how important it is for Presidents to be involved in the key conversations. Hopefully going forward, a more collaborative relationship can be built.

The rest of the week was largely spent updating lots and lots of documents and making sure that everything is up to date by the time I leave! (Ahh less than two months left!!) I hope you’ve all had as much of a productive week as I have and remember… Only 20 days left!!

As always – if you ever need a chat, you know where to find me! (in my flat doing jigsaws) Love Jess